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16 January 2018 Goedemoed

Serving the Community, Durbanville. We love receiving feedback that our response officers go above the call of duty. Well done to Response Officer Slater for your assistance.
“Please thank your armed patrol officer who was in Fuchsia Street, (did not get his name) this morning stopped to assist when my neighbors dog ran in front of a car and was injured He kindly assisted my neighbor in taking the dog to the local vet This is above the call of duty and was greatly appreciated “

19 December 2017 Vierlanden

Serving the Community, Durbanville. While on patrol on Westerdale Road, Response Officer Anderson was stopped by a member of the public, requesting assistance. The individual reported that one of the farm workers had fallen and his left eye appeared to be very swollen. Response Officer Anderson arrived at the farm and assessed the farm worker. He then requested that Central Station notify paramedics. ER24 vehicle arrived at the farm and medics did another check to see if his vitals were all in order. Everything was normal and the worker went back to his work. They did request that the farmer keep an eye on him and call them if anything changed.