Bassett Burglar Alarms goes the Extra Mile

BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS continually strives to provide all customers more value for their money. With this in mind, we have several products and services that will allow you to enjoy more value added benefits.


  • Courtesy Escort Service – accompany customer into premises/children check when alone at home.
  • Vehicle Breakdown – jump start of motor vehicles/tyre changes
  • Holiday Checks – peace of mind when on holiday
  • Investigations – of suspicious activity on and around premises

All you need to do is contact BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS and alert us of your situation. We are happy to assist!

No one at home
No one at home

In the instance that you are going away and need regular checks done on your residence or your post to be collected, DISTRICT WATCH will do so.

Kids At Home
Kids At Home

If your children are home alone or with a baby sitter – DISTRICT WATCH will periodically check in until you are home.

Suspicious activity
Suspicious activity

District Watch will investigate suspicious activities on and around your premises should you here or see any.

All you need to do is contact DISTRICT WATCH and alert us of your situation. We are happy to assist!

reducing crime

As part of our commitment to ensure a safer and better neighbourhood for all to live and work in, we actively support, partake and sponsor NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH initiatives in our area. In conjunction with the local SAPS and volunteers, the streets are proactively patrolled and have had a significant success rate in reducing crime. Removal of vagrants plays a big part to ensure petty crimes are being controlled.


All DISTRICT BASSETT armed response officers are qualified and trained to provide 1st aid medical assistance. In addition, close cooperation between us and authorities will ensure immediate response to emergencies on request


An Opening/Closing service is available whereby the opening and closing signals received are acted on by BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS control room, ensuring unauthorized activity is limited. Details and costs can be discussed with BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS.