It is important for both BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS current and potential customers to have peace of mind with regard to the procedures followed when a burglary, panic or ambush situation arises. Below is a brief description of the order of events pertaining to these situations.


  • Your alarm is activated and the signal is sent to BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS via telephone and / or radio.
  • BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS will then verify the signal and your password by contacting you on your home phone number.
  • If there is no answer / an incorrect password or hesitation with imparting the correct password, a response vehicle will be dispatched.
  • The response officer will inspect the premises for any signs of forced entry and then feed back to our control room. If there are no visible signs of attempted burglary or suspicious circumstances, the response officer will leave a ‘drop slip’ containing the full details of the call out and leave the premises.
  • If there is any visible signs of burglary or suspicious circumstances, the client will be contacted on the alternative numbers provided i.e. work or cellphone.


  • If you have pushed your panic button all available response vehicles are dispatched to your residence immediately, following which, BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS will attempt to contact you.
  • The above procedure applies to all panic activations including fire and medical.


  • In this situation, you may have been followed into your residence by an intruder and ordered to deactivate your alarm.
  • You will have a special alarm code to enter that will alert BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS that you are under duress.
  • The special code will deactivate your alarm as if it was your normal code but DISTRICT BASSETT will be alerted of your situation and all response vehicles will be dispatched immediately. BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS will not attempt to contact you in this situation.

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