Bassett Burglar Alarms


The company was started in 1978 by Mr. Raymond Bassett. Husband and wife team Nikiforou acquired the business in 1995. Pierre Gouws (District Watch owner) joined forces with BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS providing the armed response services under the banner DISTRICT BASSETT in 2004. Pierre Gouws then acquired the company in 2010 in its entire form.

BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS is a well known and loved security service provider with a big emphasis on Neighbourhood and Community Security Services. With us you will experience friendly service, efficiency and hometown understanding.

The Management team is passionate about security and work tirelessly to ensure our customers receive the best possible service. The management team consists of Pierre Gouws (owner), Johan Hulme (partner), Tommy Van Rhyn (partner), William Verschoor, Sharon Gouws, Mark Horstman, Regeo Scott and Gawie Venter.

Today, Bassett Burglar Alarms provides security services to thousands of customers in our area.


Cape Town is one of the most diverse and enchanting cities in the world. Our people, history and different cultures make this a unique destination for all. However, the local authorities don’t have the logistical means to ensure safety and security for all. Here at BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS we do our best to bring about solutions in combating crime.

BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS, is a local security service provider in the Northern Suburbs of the Western Cape and is uniquely located to offer comprehensive security solutions to our customers. Our SAIDSA partnerships with selected security providers, ensures expansion of our services throughout the Western Cape.

With dedicated staff, qualified to perform to optimum levels of proficiency, we strive to make our neighbourhood a better and safer place for all to live and work in. BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS management has a combined working experience within the industry of 92years.

Our SAIDSA approved electronically advanced control room, backed by DISTRICT BASSETT armed response, have proved that we can meet practical and realistic service expectations. We only use proven electronic equipment to ensure long-lasting effectiveness and meet high security standards.


  • To ensure that the services provided to customers offers effectiveness, top quality and professionalism.
  • To manage each and every installation from start to finish.
  • To serve and protect, which ultimately will make the neighbourhood a safer and better place for all to live and work in.
  • To provide competitive rates, that customers receive value for the amount of money being spent monthly on security.
  • To offer competitive security solutions to customers.