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27 June 2018 Kenridge / Pinehurst / Uitzicht / Vierlanden

Serving the Community, Durbanville. It is always great to receive feedback from clients and non-clients alike regarding the good work our officers do on a daily basis. Well done to Renier and Rhonwyn for going above and beyond the call of duty.

“Good morning

We want to extend a hearty THANK YOU and praise to Renier and Ronwyn for their help on Monday 25 June early evening!

Our son, Anthony Hendrickse, got stuck without petrol in Mountain View Drive. It was quite a precarious corner and traffic was heavy. Renier and Ronwyn were kind enough to ensure Anthony’s safety whilst he was waiting for Brett to bring petrol. They stopped out of their own to help and remained until Anthony got petrol and could move on again. This was most kind of them! It warms one’s heart when such kindness is shown and gives us as parents peace seeing the safety and security offered towards your family and friends, by the community one lives in.

Thank you again and God bless you.

Kindest regards,

Brett and Nadine”

15 June 2018 Aurora / Pinehurst / Uitzicht

Serving the Community, Bellville. Bassett Response Officer Gordon and Trainee Gilbert attended and took part in a Durbanville Sector 2 Neighbourhood Watch combined operation. Briefing held by Sector Commander Sergeant Joubert at the Graanendal Shopping Centre. Various NHW’S took part. With communication and cooperation of all role-players, we take back our hood.